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Chateau Laguiole® - Made in France

Chateau Laguiole Versailles Series - Juniper Handle - 223 years old wood

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The selection of historical woods used to create the magnificent Versailles collection was recovered from the gardens of the Chateau de Versailles. Nearly all of the rare and old specimen trees of the castle were uprooted during the terrible storm of December 26, 1999, most of those trees were imported from around the world to the Chateau de Versailles during the 18th century has part of the 1776 centurial gardens renovation ordered by Louis XVI. All genuine Chateau Laguiole like this one are Made in France.

All genuine Chateau Laguiole corkscrews like this one are Made in France.

Handle Material: 223 years old juniper wood (Juniperus communis) recover from the gardens of Versailles after the storm of December 26, 1999. A native of France. this tree was planted during the centurial renovation of the Versailles gardens in the years 1776 to 1778. The age of the tree is based on the approximate year it was planted in 1776/1778 and the year it died (1999).

All Chateau Laguiole wine openers are made of 12C27 stainless steel and weigh around 4 oz (113 grams). The overall length closed is 4.5 inches (11.40 cm).
The foils cutter is serrated and measures 1.5/8 inches ~ 4.06 cm).

What's Included: Corkscrew - Gift Box - Certificate - Leather Sheath - Warranty & Repairs Support 

 We Recommend the use of Tuf-Glide Oil-Free Lubricant 1/4 oz Pen.
Periodically place a couple of drops of lubricant on the axle of all moving parts.
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