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Chateau Laguiole Corkscrew Best Sommeliers

Experience Excellence with Chateau Laguiole Corkscrews. 

Discover Master Sommelier Guy Vialis's Best Sommeliers series, a collection celebrating the world's top sommeliers. Each corkscrew is meticulously designed with input from these wine experts to ensure unparalleled performance and elegance.
Since its debut in 1993, Chateau Laguiole has become the go-to brand for many esteemed sommeliers globally. Crafted in France, these waiter-style corkscrews are renowned for their quality and precision.
Whether you're a seasoned sommelier or a passionate wine enthusiast, owning a genuine Chateau Laguiole corkscrew is a testament to your appreciation of fine wine. 
Explore our collection and shop for your authentic Chateau Laguiole corkscrew at Laguiole-Imports. Elevate your wine experience with the artistry and expertise trusted by the best in the industry.

Please note that we cannot ship Chateau Laguiole corkscrews to Japan. Shop your local Japanese retailer or select another brand of Laguiole corkscrew on our website.


Chateau Laguiole corkscrews are handcrafted in Thiers, a charming city in south-central France. Known as the cutlery capital of Europe for over seven centuries, Thiers boasts a rich tradition of exquisite craftsmanship. In 1992, the ingenious Mr. Vialis of "Guy Vialis Creation" introduced the world to the timeless elegance of the Chateau Laguiole.

Certainly! It's completely normal, especially for new corkscrews. The screw's spring action is engineered to endure for years, necessitating a tight clearance between the screw and the spring (the long, adorned spine just below the bee symbol). This allows for some gradual wear and tear over time, ensuring optimal functionality in the long run.

The answer to whether a Chateau Laguiole is hand-made or not depends on the perspective. From an ethical standpoint, the answer would be both "yes" and "no". To qualify as hand-made, a piece would have to undergo the traditional forging, shaping, assembling, and polishing process 100% by hand. Although modern tools are used for every part except the handle material, each Chateau Laguiole is meticulously assembled entirely by hand and subject to rigorous standards and testings before being deemed complete. The handle material is also carefully chosen and sculpted by hand for a flawless finish.

It's actually a bee, which has become the symbol of these knives. According to local legend, the bee was Napoleon Bonaparte's imperial seal, given to the town of Laguiole as a gesture of thanks for the bravery of its men during battles. However, "the bee" is also a technical term used by French knife makers to refer to the springhead.

Chateau Laguiole is pronounced, "SHATO LAYOL". The old pronunciation, in Occitan, was preserved, this is the reason why one says "LAYOL"

 Laguiole is the name of a small village located in south central France. The famous knife of the same name was born there in 1829.

The brand's name can be easily deciphered. Many of France's finest wines are associated with a "Chateau," while the wine accessory is inspired by the elegant "Laguiole" style of cutlery. It's worth noting that "Laguiole" isn't a registered brand of cutlery, but rather the name of the village where this style originated. The name "Chateau Laguiole" demonstrates an ingenious play on words, crafted by a particularly astute sommelier.

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