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Laguiole "Life time Warranties" have been used and in most cases abused by many Laguiole retailers and manufacturers alike for decades. Some of them will honor it... most of them will not unless you are able to contact them in France and if you have a lot of patience and determination.

All Laguiole manufacturer warranties are strictly enforced by LAGUIOLE- IMPORTS. In most cases we will act on your behalf with the manufacturer to handle your claim quickly and efficiently (see details below). Please beware that engravings are optional and will not be replaced free of charge.

1) We offer *warranty claims support for all Laguiole cutlery that was made by a manufacturer in France that offers warranty supports and or repairs. We will try our best to place you in contact with the manufacturer regardless if you purchased the item from us or not. 

2) For all manufacturers except Chateau Laguiole and Forge de Laguiole you will be asked to send your item to France directly to the manufacturer. International shipping cost and custom fees are not cover by us or the manufacturer.

3)   Regarding   Chateau Laguiole and Forge de Laguiole cutlery warranty claim or repair needs: Regardless if the items were purchased from us or not, please do not send any item to us without a specific instruction to do so. Please complete the form below to start the process.

Regarding Forge de Laguiole Cutlery warranty: If the item failure is deemed to be a manufacturer's defect you will not be charged any fees for the repair. If it was not a manufacturer's defect (i.e. bent knife blade, screw, etc...) you will be informed of the repair cost in advance. Expected turnaround is up 2 to months 

Regarding Chateau Laguiole Corkscrews warranty:  The manufacturer will repair or replace your corkscrew at no cost to you . A small Shipping and handling fee of $10 will be required to cover all shipping and custom fees.   Expected turnaround is  up 2 to months 

* Disclaimer:  The above warranties are offered by the manufacturer not Laguiole Imports. Laguiole Imports cannot be held responsible for any issues arising from a warranty claim Expected turnaround on most claims is 5 to 6 weeks

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