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It is believed that French pocket knives making started at the beginning of the 13th Century in the village of Nontron. Today French cutlers are producing high quality replicas of the originals as well as modernized versions. Sadly, many French knife manufacturers are cutting corners in an effort to churn-out cheap pocket or steak knives.

The name "Laguiole" is free to use on cutlery items by anyone and such knives can be manufactured anywhere in the world. With that in mind, you probably understand why this style of cutlery is available in many big box stores at ridiculously cheap prices. Remember the saying: "You get what you pay for". We are getting daily calls or emails about knives self-destructing after a few months of use. Those knives are mass-produced in France or Asia, sometimes both - more about this here.

Laguiole Imports works with French manufacturers that have shown high ethical values and honor their warranty & repair services.
It is important to be aware that many Laguiole knives sold by U.S. and French retailers alike are not even made in France at all.


The 9 cm Laguiole pocket knives are considered small knives that are big enough to use to handle most tasks and small enough to be placed in a jeans' front pocket or a small purse. All knives in this series feature 1000+ degrees forged T12 steel blades.

▸ Made in Laguiole, France


An Original Forge de Laguiole® pocket knife is the result of the combination of extraordinary materials of exceptional quality. The blades are forged at 1000°C using the special high-performance T12 steel. The handles are carefully crafted from noble and natural materials such as wood or horn in a way that respects our environment. Forge de Laguiole pocket knives are manufactured in the village of Laguiole and features the iconic bumblebee as well as the traditional shepherd's cross on most models.

Forge de Laguiole represent the pinnacle of quality in the Laguiole cutlery business. Their reputation for integrity, ethics, and innovative designs has made these small 100 employees company the "Must Have" Laguiole luxury brand.

All knives found in the collector's series are entirely hand chiseled (thus the price). Additionally, the bee's unique design and shape can be traced back to the very craftsman that chiseled it. In other words, if you were going to the village of Laguiole and visit the workshop (please do) you could show your knife and meet with the artist that created it.

 ▸Made in Laguiole, France