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French Folding Knives Maintenance

This quick guide covers the essential maintenance of most French Pocket knives.

Basic Usage

When closing a French slip-join pocket knife such as Laguiole pocket knives, keeping the blade from "snapping" back is essential even when it features a built-in blade stop. To avoid potential danger and ensure the best use, always close your blades carefully! Pocket knives are the perfect sidekick for everyday activities and can make quick work of many tasks. Yet, don't be mistaken: these trusty accessories can only do so much – they aren't meant to replace more specialized tools like hammers or screwdrivers.


Wooden handle pocket knives are unique keepsakes that develop character with every adventure! With each scrap and patina, these tools become unique mementos to cherish as they age. If you want your wood handle knife to age gracefully, there are two options: leaving it as-is or applying a touch of linseed oil for extra nourishment.

Organic Handle Material "Animalia"

To keep your knife's handle looking sharp and pristine - ensure to keep it dry as often as possible! Most organic handle material such as horn tip, stag and bone do not require any maintenance - just keep them dry.


Keep your knife's moving parts smooth: regularly place a couple of drops of lubricant on the axle for smooth, efficient operation. We recommend using Tuf-Glide Oil-Free lubricant for all small moving parts. 

Basic Sharpening

To ensure your blade stays as sharp as the day it was purchased, we recommend using a natural sharpening stone. Pre-soak the stone for 10 minutes to bring out the abrasive power from the stone.  keep a 20° angle and maintain a constant pressure by sliding the blade along the stone.


All knives offered by Laguiole Imports are guaranteed against manufacturing defects under normal use. For any maintenance or repair, please visit our "Repair & Warranty Support" area, look for your knife's manufacturer name and complete the form. You can expect to be contacted regarding your issue within one business day. In most cases, we will coordinate warranty and or repairs with the manufacturer on your behalf.