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The "Made in France" Dilemma

The name "Laguiole" is free to use on cutlery by anyone and cutlery items barring that name can be manufactured anywhere in the world.

As of 2021 there are still no regulations associated with Laguiole cutlery.

As long as 45% of the added value from the making of the product comes from French territory, it can be considered made in France.
Without going deep into this messy legislation we would like to add that the packaging of such item is included in the "added value". In other words, if the wooden box that comes with an item is made in France then it counts towards the "45%" of the added value. With that in mind one could only wonder why so many inexpensive Laguiole cutlery items that are supposedly "made in France" comes in very attractive wooden boxes. Of course, many French manufacturers are taking full advantage of the law by simply having 55% of the parts needed for the final product made in India, Pakistan or China and still (legally) stamp or and label the final product with "Made in France".

Note that we do not work with any manufacturer that takes advantage of the above dilemma.

Except for some exotic wood handles types (i.e. ebony, rosewood, etc.) Forge de Laguiole, Fontenille Pataud, Laguiole Village and Chateau Laguiole do not outsource any suppliers outside of France to make pocket knives. Note that some high quality blade stock such as 12C27 Sandvik stainless steel are imported from Sweden. Additionally,
some of the packaging included with our French cutlery manufacturers are manufactured outside of France in order to keep retail value.  

It is important to be aware that Laguiole is not a manufacturer or a brand of knives but rather the name of a small village in the department of Aveyron in France. The village of Laguiole is where the famous style of cutlery we know today first appear - more about Laguiole history here. This style of knife first appeared in the small village but unfortunately the name was never registered and, as a result became part of the public domain. It is a fact that anyone can use the name "Laguiole" and place it on cutlery related items regardless if the objects are made in France or have a 'Laguiole" design/style.

Forge de Laguiole - 100% Made in France
Shop is located in Laguiole, France

Fontenille Pataud - 100% Made in France
Shop is located in Thiers, France.

Laguiole Village - 100% Made in France
Shop is located in Espalion, France

Chateau Laguiole - 100% Made in France
Shop is located in Thiers, France