Le Thiers Pocket Knives

Le Thiers Pocket Knives by Fontenille Pataud

Le Thiers Pocket knives by Fontenille Pataud bears the name of the city of Thiers, the French capital of cutlery. Coming from the reflection of a whole profession, it is subject to the respect of a charter (juranda) which implies the respect of strict specifications. Unlike Laguiole knives, the "Le Thiers" name and patented design are strictly protected by the city of Thiers and the French government.

The "Le Thiers" series of pocket knives all feature an easy opening and locking blade system making it safer to use. The flexibility of the precision mechanism makes the knives easy to open and close. As with all Fontenille Pataud pocket knives, the cutting edge of the blades is protected by a solidly fixed blade stop.

Each knife in this collection features our "What You See Is What You Get" option. In other words, the knife on the photos is the one that will be shipped.