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LE THIERS® Nature 11 cm

Le Thiers nature is a smaller & lighter version the Le Thiers® Gentleman knife. From your pocket to the restaurant, it will soon become your favorite Every Day Carry. Handcrafted in Thiers-France this knife was approved by the "Coute de Tie", the Guild which certifies the authenticity of design.

The name Le Thiers Nature is a tribute to the city of Thiers. Like Solingen in Germany or Sheffield in England, Thiers has, for several centuries, been the hub of the French knives and cutlery industry. Le Thiers Nature by Fontenille Pataud offers a good balance between the blade and the handle thanks to its forged spring. A groove into the back of the spring allows the blade to fold in. Le Thiers Nature provides a secure locking blade, a smooth mechanism and a solid blade stop to protect the edge to the blade. Each knife in this collection features our "What You See Is What You Get" option. In Other words the knife on the photos is the one that will be shipped.

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