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Forge de Laguiole 13 cm Forged Tradition

The 13 and 14 cm handle Laguiole knives were the common sizes during the 19 century. Today, this type of knife is no longer viewed as an everyday carry but is increasingly being used as a folding table knife at home and is often brought to steakhouses. After all, why use a cheaply made "steak knife" that has been used by thousands of people and is probably serrated because it doesn't cut? Consider elevating your dining experience with a sharp and unique folding steak knife.

Handmade in the village of Laguiole, France, Forge de Laguiole knives are truly and by far of the highest quality offered in the market today. Additionally, each one of these masterpieces is entirely handmade by the same craftsman to ensure pride in the completed piece.
Note that this is a big Laguiole knife; consider its size before purchasing it.
Blade Size: 4.20 / 10.60 cm long - 3 mm | Handle Size: 13 cm / 5.10 in | Open Size: 23.8 cm / 9.35 in

top view of a 13 cm handle laguiole knife

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