Laguiole Tobacco Pipe Tool - Dark Horn Tip

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This exquisite pipe tool, crafted with care in the quaint village of Laguiole, France, is a must-have for all pipe aficionados. Featuring three essential elements - scraper blade and hinged pin to shape your tobacco mix, as well as flat miter to pack it down tightly – this piece also boasts traditional symbols like bee and shepherd cross along with an entirely hand-file spring top. Any serious pipe smoker would do themselves proud by having such wonderous craftsmanship adorning their collection!

Handmade in the village of Laguiole, France, Forge de Laguiole knives are indeed and by far the highest quality offered in the market today. Additionally, each of these masterpieces is handmade by the same craftsman to ensure pride in the completed piece. 100% Made in Laguiole, France


Spring & Bee: Hande-filled spring makes each piece unique.
2 Piece Forged spring & Bee
Scraper Blade: 2.42" / 6.12 cm long - 3 mm thick made of X40 C13 Stainless steel.
Note that this tool's blade is dull and only intended to clean the pipe.
Size: Handle 10 cm - 4."
Weight: Approx. 60 grams (2.2 oz.)
Bolsters & Liners: Forged T12 Steel

Horn Tip from domestic cattle. The tip of the horn is the hardest and most durable, Inferior horn handles are made from the bottom of the horn which will warp with time. 

Note:The horn handle of the item your receive may not be totally black but rather have some lighter areas. If you are looking for an absolute black horn handle please contact us before placing your order. If one is available we will place it aside before you place your order.

For best care, refrain from submerging in water and dry immediately. We recommend using Tuf-Glide Oil-Free Lubricant 1/4 oz Pen. Periodically apply a few drops of lubricant to the axle of all moving parts to maintain optimal performance.Sentry-Solutions Tuf Glide 1/4 oz. Pen-Applicator