Fontenille Pataud

Horn Tip Spreader By Fontenille Pataud #4

This luxurious cutlery item will allow you to spread butter, jam, and other delicacies with style. This horn tip spreader guarantees to trigger conversations around the table for a lifetime. Each item is individually pictured; select the one you like!

This butter spreader was handmade in Europe's capital of cutlery, "Thiers." The "Gilles®" Fontenille Pataud collection of knives is considered by many to be some of the best pocket knives money can buy. All Knives offered by Gilles are entirely made by a single craftsman from start to finish ensuring pride of ownership of the final piece.100% Made in France.

You will receive the actual horn tip spreader shown in the photos.
No one wants to view photos of a beautiful and unique object and receive something not even close to the representative image; this is why we take pictures of each piece. 

Horn Tip from domestic cattle. The tip of the horn is the hardest and most durable; inferior horn handles are made with the bottom of the horn, which will warp with time.

Blade: 12C27 Swedish stainless steel. Note that the cutting edge of this spreader is not blunt but semi-sharp.
Weight: ~ 42.5 grams (1.5 oz.)
Overall Length: ~ 15.25 cm (6")

Hand wash only, do not immerse in water for an extended period; doing so will be detrimental to the handle material and void the warranty. This item is not dishwasher safe.

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Max Capdebarthes is a master leather craftsman located in the tiny (pop. 800) 12th-century village of Sauveterre de Rouergue in the southwest of France.

Each sheath is made from carefully selected genuine cowhide. Mr. Max Capdebarthes is considered by most knife manufacturers as the best leather craftsman in Europe, perhaps the world.
Many acclaimed cutlers, such as Forge de Laguiole, Fontenille Pataud and Chateau Laguiole contracts Max for their needs.