Chateau Laguiole Grand Cru Pocket Knife Briarwood

The Chateau Laguiole pocket knife blends the unique forms of the famed waiter's corkscrew and the iconic curves of the traditional Laguiole knife.

The very intentional minimalist and elegant design feature an actual Chateau Laguiole Grand Cru handle without the bottom bolster thus making this knife surprisingly well balanced. You will love the way this knife feels in your hand and perhaps, as many French people do, you'll take it out to your favorite steakhouse. It is the perfect size for everyday meals as well.

Technical aspects:  This knife features a solid hardened blade stop to help prevent the blade's edge from making contact with the inner area of the spring. 100% Made in France

Handle Material: Briarwood (Erica arborea) - From plateaux burl - the outer edge of the burl.
Blade: 12C27 Swedish stainless steel, 3mm thick.
Plates: 1.5 mm stainless.
Blade Size: 9.7 cm (3.85")
Handle Size: 11.50 cm (4.50") 
Open Size: 21.2 cm (8.35") 
Weight: ~ 76 grams (2.7 oz.)

What's Included: Pocket knife - Leather Sheath - QR Code Warranty Certificate & Registration - Warranty & Repair Support 

 We Recommend the use of Tuf-Glide Oil-Free Lubricant 1/4 oz Pen.
Periodically place a couple of drops of lubricant on the axle of all moving parts.
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