Steak knives from forge de laguiole


Over the last 20+ years, we have tried most French-made Laguiole corkscrews; as a result, we only offer brands we trust to be the best in functions, appeal & warranty support. Most other French brands of Laguiole corkscrews do not have a system to handle post-purchase services such as warranty claims and, frankly, do not perform as well. The brands we proudly offer contract us to manage their warranty & repair claims from within the United States.

What does this mean to you? If something happens to a Laguiole corkscrew you purchased from us, you will ship it to us for service, not France. We ship corkscrews for warranty or repair services to France once a month to save you, our customers, around $50 in shipping costs "to & from' France.
We ship from and personalize all corkscrews & knives in Jacksonville, Florida

You'll Love Our Free Engravings.

Our inner handle engraving was initially written off as silly, but it quickly gained steam after being introduced in 2019. Four years later, we are almost overwhelmed with the number of requests from customers looking to add that unique & discreet personal touch to their knives or corkscrews!

We have been engraving high-end cutlery for 20 years; with 130,000+ engraved knives & corkscrews behind us, you will be delighted with our work. Best of all, our engravings are free and are shipped. *on the same day. Choose from our discreet vintage diamond engraving or state-of-the-art fiber laser for a more noticeable appearance. 

Please visit our shipping scheduled during the weeks preceding Christmas or Father's Day for an up to date schedule.

*All engraved orders placed before 4 PM Eastern time Monday thru Friday are shipped same day.

Let's explore the usage of steak knives in restaurants and other things you should know about them. 

While the market for Laguiole cutlery is vast, shoppers should take extra caution when navigating their options.

Choosing Laguiole cutlery can be daunting, but the most important factor should always be personal preference. With so many "Laguiole" options available, it's a must to consider where items were manufactured, especially if you are spending several hundred dollars – and while that might give you peace of mind, ultimately discovering "YOUR" perfect knife is what matters!