Chateau Laguiole Classic Corkscrews

New & Improved 2020 Chateau Laguiole®

Classic The Chateau Laguiole classic was created in 1993 by Master Sommeliers Guy Vialis and was the first true waiter-style Laguiole corkscrew on the market. Since it debuted, the Chateau Laguiole brand has been the favorite among some of the world's best sommeliers and, to this day, is the most sold (and imitated or counterfeited) of all high-end waiter-style Laguiole wine openers. Sadly, Mr. Vialis, the pioneer of the Laguiole waiter-style corkscrew, passed away in early October 2016. After several years of contractual issues, the Chateau Laguiole brand was purchased and given a "new beginning." 

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The Chateau Laguiole concept was revisited in 2020; the most notable improvements reside in the construction. The bee is now forged; in other words, it has become an integral part of the spring-top. The liners, also known as plates, are now thicker to prevent warping, and the bottom bolster is now thicker and lost its two decorative lines. Chateau Laguiole is still mostly manufactured by hand in a new workshop located in Thiers, France.
Do not pay full price for the discontinued Chateau Laguiole Classic model.
How can you tell? Just look at the bottom of the handle; the bolster of the new 2020 version looks plain with no lines. The current brand owner no longer authorizes the manufacturing of the previous Chateau Laguiole model. However, several well-known retailers in France and the U.S. are still offering old models. Such retailers are using old stock or inadvertently purchasing fakes.

new 2020 chateau laguiole corkscrew showing the changes that were made

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