Chateau Laguiole Corkscrews

Chateau Laguiole® are considered by many to be the finest handmade waiter style corkscrew in the world. Created by Master Sommeliers Guy Vialis in 1993 the Chateau Laguiole was the first true waiter-style Laguiole corkscrew on the market.Since it debuted (with only one model that sold 80,000 unit the first year) this internationally famed wine opener has been the favorite by most of the world best sommeliers and, to this day is the most sold (and imitated) of all high-end waiter-style Laguiole corkscrews.All genuine Chateau Laguiole® sold by Laguiole Imports are genuine and 100% Made in France.
Please note that we are not allowed to ship Chateau Laguiole corkscrews to Japan.Please shop your local Japan retailer or select another brand of Laguiole corkscrew on our website.