Forge de Laguiole Black Horn Tip Butter Spreader Knife

Forge de Laguiole Butter Spreader Knife "Lou Bure."

The most luxurious table-spreading tool you can find, this sleek and stylish horn tip spreader will have your guests talking about how unique and cool it is.

As with all Forge de Laguiole cutlery, this spreader is entirely hand-made in the village of Laguiole. Forge de Laguiole cutlery is truly and by far of the highest quality offered today. Additionally, each masterpiece is entirely hand-made by the same craftsman to ensure pride in the completed piece.

  • Blade: High-grade stainless steel
  • Size: 15 cm / 5: 7/8 in tall
  • Weight: 3.5 oz - 72 g

Horn Tip from domestic cattle. The tip of the horn is the hardest and most durable, Inferior horn handles are made from the bottom of the horn which will warp with time. 

Note:The horn handle of the item your receive may not be totally black but rather have some lighter areas. If you are looking for an absolute black horn handle please contact us before placing your order. If one is available we will place it aside before you place your order.

This item is not dishwasher safe.

Hand wash only, do not immerse in water for extended period of time, Doing so will be detrimental to the handle material and void the warranty. This item is not dishwasher safe.