Forge de Laguiole Brut de Forge 11 cm Aubrac Cattle Horn Tip

This knife represents a visual replica of the early Laguiole knives. The spring and bee were modest and not decorated as the cost was always a concern with shepherds. In this case, the shepherd cross was absent due to the uneven nature of the horn's bark (outside area of the horn). The handles were made from local wood, bone, or, in this case, horn tip from the local Aubrac cattle. Handmade in the village of Laguiole, this knife features a forged T12 steel blade. Each one has been crafted with pride by a single master cutler, ensuring that each masterpiece is unique to its craftsman's work ethic!

The Forge de Laguiole workshop is located in the tiny village of Laguiole, France - Pop. 1300 - where the famous knife first appeared in the early 1800s. Today, Forge de Laguiole represents the pinnacle of quality in the Laguiole cutlery business. Their reputation for integrity, ethics, and innovative designs has made these small 100 employees company the "Must Have" Laguiole luxury brand.

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Closed length: 4.33 inches (11 cm)
Open length: 8 inches (20.30 cm)
Spring & Bee:Two-piece forged (soldered bee).
Blade: Brut de forge - The blade is left partially rough and unfinished to give it the unique appearance of early Laguiole knives.
Blade Size: 3.67 inches (9.32 cm) - 3 mm thick made of forged T12 alloy.
Weight: Approx. 85 grams (3 oz.)
Bolsters & Liners: Forged T12 alloy.

The birth of a forged blade at the Forge de Laguiole shopa forged blade shone has a stamped piece of metal and at a partially forged stage.

Genuine Aubrac Cattle Horn Tip Bark (the tip of the horn is the strongest section). 

Please consider the fact that it is normal for horn tip bark handles to show cracks and or imperfections. Those characteristics do not affect the strength of the handle in anyways.

A pair of Aubrac cattles durring a parade in the village of Laguiole.a pair of aubrac cattle in the village of laguiole

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The ultra-modern Forge de Laguiole workshop was created by French designer
Philippe Starck and feature an 18 meters (58 feet) gleaming blade
soaring into the sky above Laguiole.
Forge de laguiole shop designed by French designer Philippe Starck

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