Wooden Gift Box - Dark Oak

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This little wooden treasure box will safely store your family heirloom for many years to come. Most folding knives and corkscrews we offer will fit inside this box.

All Laguiole Folding knives we offer - up to 13cm handle.
All Fontenille Pataud folding Knives, including the largest they made (Sport Classic).
All Corkscrews including the "Two-Step Magnum" from Fontenille Pataud.
All Old Bear Classic Folding knives except the Pruning Knife.
All Nontron Folding Knives

Engraving on the box top is available and as always, free!

*Pictured knives are not included with the box.

Inside Measurements box closed: 5.24" L x 1.67" W x 1.08" Tall

Outside Measurements box closed: 5.90" L X 2.40" W x 1.46" Tall