Laguiole Forged Steak Knives Dark Ram Horn - Set of 2

Each steak knife is forged from a single metal rod of Z40C13 Stainless steel, thus making them unique among all other Laguiole table knives on the market today.

The weight and feel of each knife make it a testament to the quality and time spent to create them.

Handmade in Thiers, Europe's capital of cutlery by Fontenille Pataud. All Knives offered by Fontenille are entirely made by a single craftsman from start to finish ensuring pride of ownership of the final piece.

The Knives and the wooden box are 100% Made in France.

Dark Ram horn tip (France). Dark ram horn is extreamely hard to find as most Rams have mostly lighter horns.

Please note that the actual handle color and pattern of the item you receive may vary from the  stock photos.

Orders are shipped same business day from Florida when ordered by 2 PM Eastern time. UPS delivery can be expected in 1 to 3 business days depending on destination. International shipping options are available at checkout.

french flag color with made in france text

  • Size: 9.05 inches - 23 cm
  • Weight: ~ 100 grams (3.5 oz.)
  • Metal: Z40C13 stainless steel
  • Costruction: Forged monoblock stainless 
  • Blade serration: 'Diamond' micro-serration is located on the last 1.5 inch of the left side of the blade. 

This steak knife set is not dishwasher safe.

Hand wash only, do not immerse in water for extended period of time, Doing so will be detrimental to the handle material and void the warranty. This item is not dishwasher safe.