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Laguiole knives

French Laguiole knives are world-renowned for their exquisite beauty, stunning craftsmanship, and exceptional functionality. Some, like the Forge de Laguiole brand, are still handcrafted in Laguiole, Aveyron, France, using high-quality materials and a timeless design.

Laguiole knives feature an elegant, tapered design and a comfortable grip that makes them easy to handle. Their handle is typically made from stunning natural material such as wood, bone, or horn and then shaped to perfection. The blade is made from high-quality stainless steel or forged T12, sharpened to a razor edge, and honed to assure maximum precision.

The exceptional functionality of Laguiole knives means that not only are they beautiful but also practical. They can easily slice through even the toughest materials, making them an ideal choice for those who demand the best.

Overall, Laguiole knives are a symbol of exceptional craftsmanship and beautiful design. They're a true masterpiece and sure to attract anyone who appreciates quality and luxury.

At Laguiole Imports, we pride ourselves on authenticity and integrity. Our Laguiole cutlery comes from trustworthy French manufacturers with ethical work practices, ensuring that every piece you purchase supports responsible craftsmanship. By prioritizing ethical work practices and responsible raw material sourcing, we champion sustainability and environmental respect.Our commitment to quality extends beyond our products. We provide efficient  Repair & Warranty Support that stands behind the enduring excellence of our cutlery. Trust in Laguiole Imports to bring exquisite, reliable, and conscientiously made cutlery into your home.