Forge de Laguiole 9 cm Forged Collection

The 9 cm Laguiole pocket knives are considered small knives that are big enough to use as EDC and small enough to be placed in a jeans' front pocket or a small purse. There are many reasons a Laguiole knife can retail for much more than another model of similar size and material. The finish of the metal, the construction of the spring and bee, and above all the chiseling and filing of the spring & bee all contribute to the added cost.
Each knife in the "Collection" series features a hand-chiseled spring and bee. The art of chiseling a one-of-a-kind folding knife is very time-consuming, it takes over 1 hour to complete the spring & bee alone. Additionally, only the most skilled cutlers/artists are able to achieve this challenging task.
Blade: Forge T12 - 3" / 7.60 cm long - 3 mm thick
Handle: 9.4 cm - 3. 3/4" | Open Size: 17 cm (6.70")
No one wants to view photos of a beautiful and unique pocket knife and receive something not even close to the representative photo. It is common practice for retailers to show an exceptionally attractive knife to trigger a sale and ship something similar but not as nice. If you are dissatisfied with a knife that you purchased overseas you will need to: 1. Pay for costly international return shipping or 2. Keep the knife and wish you had purchased it from us. This is why we take photos of each pocket knife in the designated series, you can see exactly what you are going to receive.

Although taking 1000's of photos a month is literary a full-time position we don't charge extra for this service!
1. The file work on the springs' top is individually hand-filled. As a result, each top is unique.
2. Two handles made from the same type of material can have very different patterns. 

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