Chateau Laguiole Melchior

The Chateau Laguiole Melchior is the latest evolution of the famed brand. A variant of the Grand Cru series, this model has a wider full handle. This new model features a forged bee that is an integral part of the spring (the decorated top part of the handle).

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The original Grand Cru model, which is based on, features a top bolster (the metal part where the screw enters the handle). The main reason the Grand Cru was introduced was to offer a more durable wine opener. Although the new Chateau Laguiole 2020 Classic model's construction is as strong as the Grand Cru, this series continues to be offered.

Melchior what?
At 18000 ml (18 liters/4.75 gallons), the "Melchior" is the largest production bottle size available in the market today. To put it in perspective, it contains the equivalent of 24 standard bottles of wine, and you could fill 144 glasses with just one bottle.

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