Laguiole Forged Steak Knives Studded Handle

A single cold forged metal rod of Z40C13 Stainless steel is used to make each steak knife, giving them a unique quality among all other Laguiole table knives on today's market. Each knife top is hand filled with intricate designs. 

Studded Work: The intricate inlay work of stainless steel studs is completed by hand. This time-consuming process can only be carried out by Fontenille Pataud's most experienced artisans, making this beautiful diamond-shaped design an exceptional accomplishment.

The knives are beautiful to look at and have a weight and feel that speaks volumes about the quality of artistry.

Handmade in Thiers, Europe's capital of cutlery, by Fontenille Pataud. All Knives offered by this manufacturer are entirely made by a single craftsman from start to finish ensuring pride of ownership of the final piece.

All steak knives and wooden boxes offered by Fontenille Pataud are 100% Made in France.

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