Chateau Laguiole Heritage Steak Knives Amourette - Shiny Finish

The Heritage series Laguiole steak knives are meticulously crafted to honor the timeless elegance of traditional Laguiole cutlery. Handmade in the esteemed French shop, they share the same origin as the famed Chateau Laguiole corkscrews.

Laguiole steak knives have become a popular choice for elegant dining due to their high quality and distinctive design. These knives were first crafted in the early 19th century in the French village of Laguiole, from which they got their name. They are known for their unique features, including a slender, tapered blade and a curved, ergonomic handle, which provide excellent functionality and comfort during use.
These knives are 100% Made in Thiers, France.

Snakewood aka Amourette (Brosimum guianense) is a gorgeous wood that originates mostly from Brazil's Suriname valley.
The part sold as snakewood is really the heartwood of the much larger tree. This wood is usually felled with axes and carried on the backs of natives over streams and through jungle areas.
Each tree felled is monitored, the Brazilian government has developed a strict permit process to control harvesting. The name was inspired by the snakeskin-like markings that decorate this exotic wood.
Initially deep red in color, snakewood changes color upon being exposed to air, making the wood eventually turn reddish-brown, as you see it today.

  • Metal finish: Mirror polished
  • Blade & Bolsters: High carbon 12C27 Swedish stainless steel.
  • Blade Size: 10.60 cm (4.17")
  • Handle Size: 11.50 cm (4.52") 
  • Overall length: 22.10 cm (8.70") 
  • Weight: ~ 85 grams (3 oz.)