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Classic Laguiole Full Handle Pocket Knives

The full handle 11 and 12 cm handle knives are a reflection of the early Laguiole models created during the mid-1800s.

The handles are entirely hand-shaped by the most skilled artisans. The absence of metal bolsters makes this type of knife lighter and more ergonomic. Each knife features a forged bee, a full-length hand-chiseled spring, and of course the famous shepherd cross on most models. These knives also feature a solid hardened blade stop to help prevent the blade's edge from making contact with the inner area of the spring.

What is a Forged Bee? You can recognize a forged bee when you look just below it, where it meets the decorated spring. If you do not see any gaps, it's a good sign that the bee and spring were forged from the same piece of metal. You can also recognize a soldered bee by noticing a straight gap/ridge where the bee meets the spring.