Corsican Sperone Pocket Knife Ram Horn

Here is another highly ergonomic folding knife from the Fontenille Pataud's Corsican series. Unlike the Rondanira knife, this model features a modified single edge spear point blade but note that this is not a throwing knife. This fairly long knife can be used as a daily table knife. This is not a split-joint knife, while open the blade cannot be folded unless the lock-back is pressed firmly. 

The blade is stamped with the Corsican "Moor's head" found on the flag of this proud and remote "French" island where Napoleon Bonaparte was born.

This Corsican knife like all others offered by Fontenille Pataud was created in collaboration with the Zuria family of Bonifacio Corsica.

Consider this: This knife is entirely handmade in Europe's capital of cutlery "Thiers." The “Gilles®” Fontenille Pataud collection of knives are considered by many to be some of the best pocket knives money can buy. All Knives offered by Gilles are entirely made by a single craftsman from start to finish ensuring pride of ownership of the final piece. 100% Made in France

Technical aspects: Smooth, easy opening & closing is provided by a Teflon assisted Lock-Back system. This knife also features a solid hardened blade stop to help prevent the blade's edge from making contact with the inner area of the spring.

Handle Material: Ram horn tip from France
Blade: 14C28N Swedish stainless steel, 3 mm thick, 58-59 Hrc.
Plates: 1.5 mm stainless.
Decorated Spring & lock-top system: 3 mm stainless - Hand file work
Blade Size: 9.5 cm (3.75")
Handle Size including back-lock: 12.2 cm (4.6") 
Open Size: 21.5 cm (8.3/8") 
Weight: ~ 138 grams (4.8 oz.)

What's Included: Pocket knife - Leather Sheath - Numbered Certificate - Warranty & Repair Support

 We Recommend the use of Tuf-Glide Oil-Free Lubricant 1/4 oz Pen.
Periodically place a couple of drops of lubricant on the axle of all moving parts.
More details here - $8.95