Chateau Laguiole Display - 3 Corkscrews

This Chateau Laguiole® beechwood display will hold three units. The ultra-clear acrylic cover is held by four magnets and is self-centered. This display is the perfect gift for any collector or anyone that has several Chateau Laguiole. 

Must know: This display will not hold any Melchiore series or the Andreas Larsson model due to their wide handle design.

* Pictured corkscrews are not included with the purchase of this display. This display will not hold non-Chateau Laguiole® brand corkscrews.

Dimensions: 8.75" x 5.50" x 1"
Weight: 1 lb
Material: Solid beechwood/acrylic cover.

  • Display (panel - cover - metal rod)
  • Free shipping