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Old Bear Knives

The Old Bear®  knife series was created in 2015 to celebrate Antonini's 90th anniversary. With more than 500 models and the production of over 300,000 knives per year, Antonini has mastered the art of knife making over the last 96 years.
Unlike other similar mass-produced knives, Old Bear knives are hand-assembled and carefully finished. Since the raw materials have been subjected to manual processes, every single knife is unique and not standardized. Small surface irregularities can sometimes be found and are simply a testament to a manual process and do not affect the knife's functionality in any way.
Technical aspects:  All Old Bear® knives feature a locking mechanism that is consistently smooth and most importantly, equally effective in locking the blade in both open and closed positions. Moreover, it is important to note that the blade can be locked or unlocked with a right-handed user's thumb finger. Contrary to one's first impression, the protuberant locking knob is not in the way and doesn't affect the usage of the highly ergonomic handle. Get it engraved today FREE