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Laguiole Guilloche Corkscrew Knives

Laguiole Corkscrew knives, also known as "Laguiole 2 piece", were introduced in the 1880s when corked wine bottles became popular in urban society. This addition was a response to the request of the Aveyron people who had migrated to work in the cafes of Paris. The cafe owners and waiters, proud of their traditions, were keen on using their 2-piece knife in the capital. Each picnic knife is equipped with a sturdy blade stop, ensuring the protection of the blade edge when closing the knife.

Guilloche: The Guilloché series exemplifies masterful craftsmanship on the spring, as well as both the upper and lower liners, in addition to the entire upper edge of the blade. The intricate design is stunning and unique, making this collection a true work of art.

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Did you know that a 12 cm Laguiole folding knife can be used as a steak knife?
It has an open length of 8.3/4", slightly shorter than the standard steak knife that measures around 9". Have you ever wondered why some people prefer this type of knife at the dinner table or at their favorite steak house? You might be surprised by the answer, check out our article (new tab) to find out.