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Laguiole Cheese Set Barthélemy - Ebony Handle Handle- By Forge de Laguiole

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Cheese knife with "mouchette" cheese slicer, the ultimate cheese cutting tool.
Have you ever dreamed of being able to slice through a Camembert without cheese traces on the blade or cutting a Gruyère without changing its texture? Then this cheese serving set is for you!

This set was created by master cheesemaker Roland Barthélemy and Forge de Laguiole.
This cheese knife can cut many different kinds of cheese. The handle has a hook that enables you to slice effortlessly through any variety. It cuts through the hardest cheeses as easily as through the creamiest ones. It is also perfect for slicing soft and crumbly cheeses. The ‘mouchette’ is also one of a kind. It’s light and very ergonomic due to balanced weight proportions between the handle and blade and asymmetrical cut. It is particularly suited for thinly slicing Ardi - Gasna, Laguiole, Comté, or Mimolette cheeses.

Handle Material: Ebony harvested in Gabon, Africa. Ebony is the darkest wood in the world and one of the few that does not float.
Construction: Satin polished finish solid Stainless Steel.
Overall knife length is 27.5 cm - 10.8 inches.
Overall slicer length is 24.5 cm - 9.65 inches.

What's included: Knife - Slicer/Server AKA as "Mouchette" - Genuine Leather Storage Sheath handcrafted in France by Max Capdebarthes - Certificate from Manufacturer - Lifetime warranty - Warranty support-  Free Expedited Shipping.


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Max Capdebarthes is a master leather craftsman located in the tiny (pop. 800) 12th-century village of Sauveterre de Rouergue in the southwest of France.

Each sheath is made from carefully selected genuine cowhide. Mr. Max Capdebarthes is considered by most knife manufacturers as the best leather craftsman in Europe, perhaps the world.
Many acclaimed cutlers, such as Forge de Laguiole, Fontenille Pataud and Chateau Laguiole contracts Max for their needs.