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Forge de Laguiole

The Lucky Knife by Forge de Laguiole - Limited Edition # 115/365

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This is the Lucky Knife, a replica of a Laguiole droit (“straight Laguiole”) first developed by Pierre Jean Calmels in 1829. The “mouche”, which translates as “fly” but is known as the bee is a technical term. Of course the "Bee" is what most people assume Laguiole knives have, but interestingly enough many early models like this one did not have it. Same goes for the shepherd cross, some models simply did not have it.

This numbered edition knife is limited to 365 units and comes with a numbered certificate.

This unique 12 cm full handle folding knife was entirely handcrafted by the most skilled craftsman from the Forge de Laguiole. The spring and mouche (four leaves clover) are chiseled from one forged metal piece (see tab below).The full handle of this pocket is made from genuine cattle bone, each handle side is soaked in tea for 24 hrs to give its aged patina.The Forge de Laguiole workshop is located in the tiny village of Laguiole, France - Pop. 1300 - where the Laguiole knife first appeared in the early 1800's.

What's Included:Knife - Gift Box - Certificate - Warranty & Repairs Support -  Free Shipping & Free Returns(U.S only)

Lucky Knives in the making. A rare glimpse into the painstaking art of high-end French knives.

About Stéphane Rambaud
Gold Medal for Best Apprentice and first prize in the Collector knives category. Mr.Rambaud designs new versions of historical Laguiole knives or makes exceptional pieces for real knife enthusiasts. Stéphane was born in Lyon. France in 1968 and as been working at the Forge de Laguiole since 2005.


The blade and spring of this knife are forged from T12 steel. This non-stainless metal alloy combines the durability and ease of sharpening found with carbon steel but without the rusting issues. Forge de Laguiole unique methods of forging, combined with tempering, gives this knife a perfect cutting edge. T12 alloy comes from the department of Isère, France and is exclusively made for FDL.

Closed length: 4.72 inches (12 cm)
Blade length: 3.86 inches (9.8 cm)
Open length: 8.58 inches (21.8 cm)



You can recognize a forged bee when you look just below it, where it meet the decorated spring. If you do not see any gaps its a good sign that the bee and spring were forged from the same piece of metal. You can also recognize a soldered bee by noticing a straight gap where the bee meet the to of the spring. Most Laguiole knives from all makers including Forge de Laguiole feature "soldered bees" models. The process of adding the bee to the spring by soldering it saves time and money, this is why the cost of soldered bee knives can be substantially less. Fact! The original Laguiole knives had forged bees.

What is a Chiseled bee & Spring model and why does it cost so much more then a standard forged bee?
There are many reasons a Laguiole knife can cost a lot more then an other model of similar size and material. The finish of the metal, the construction of the spring and bee and above all the chiseling of the spring and bee. Most Laguiole knives do not have a forged bee and much less have a hand chiseled spring and bee. The art of chiseling a spring & bee is very time-consuming, sometimes over 1 hrs. In addition to this only the most skilled cutler / artist are used achieve this very complicated task. Pictured above is a before and after forged spring/hand chiseled bee. As you can imagine this is not an easy task.


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