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Nontron, France

Nontron Pocket Knife No22 Ball Handle & Forged Carbon Blade

Nontron is the name of a village in the Dordogne department of France where it is believed knife making started at the beginning of the 13th Century thus making Nontron France's oldest pocket knife. Today, the cutlery that bears its name (Coutellerie Nontronnaise since 1928) produces handmade knives using ancestral methods and, yes modern tools as well. 

This handmade 10 cm handle pocket knife features a nickel-silver rotating ferrule to safely keep the blade open while in use. The handle is made of ebony wood. Besides the obviously added aesthetic, the sole purpose of the ball is to provide a secure grip.

You may have this knife set engraved today without any additional delay. Our engraving help page offers tips and guidance to get your engraving just right. 

What’s included: Knife & Gift Pouch. This knife is cover by a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. All components of this knife are 100% Made in France. 

Size: Overall 7.1/4" or 18.5 cm - Blade 3.3/16" or 8.2 cm
Handle Material: Ebony, Africa

Metal: Forged carbon steel XC75 can be found in antique knives. This steel is very easy to sharpen and achieve extream levels of sharpness. XC75 is forged at 1080°C and subjected to successive tempering, and particularly a hard quench oil. These tempers can guarantee exceptional quality of blade
Note that carbon steel will rust if it is not cared for. 
The blade of this Nontron knife is forged by "Forge de Laguiole".