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Georgette® - France

Georgette Outdoor Adventures

Finally!! An outdoor adventure spork that not only works but exceeds at all the functions you are expecting such a tool to provide.

At 1.25 oz it is not the lightest one available, far from it, but who wants to carry around a tool that is 0.6 oz lighter and doesn't work anyways. 

This little beauty is a spoon, a fork and also features a small spoon at the end of the handle. The small hole was mostly designed for hanging but of course, other functions have been discovered. 

The Georgette adventure is available in two finish:

- The brushed non-reflective is perfect for camping, trekking, etc..  
- The shiny one is... the shiny one!  What you do with it is up to you! 

  • • 3 in 1 Flatware
    • Highly Ergonomic Design 
    • 35 g / 1.25 oz
    • Designed in France - Made in Portugal
    • 100% Cotton Muslin Bag & Product Info
    • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!