Fontenilles Pataud Laguiole 11cm Warthog Tooth - Forged Bee - Chiseled Spring - Precious Handle

by: Gilles Fontenille Pataud

  • This knife from the Guilloche series features a one piece forged spring & bee as well as a hand chiseled spring top,  Bee, Blade top & Liners top / bottom.  Around 2 hrs of labor by one craftsman to create this masterpiece.
    Entirely hand made in Europe's capital of cutlery "Thiers". The “Gilles®” Fontenille Pataud collection of knives are considered by many experts to be some of the best Laguiole knives money can buy. All Knives offered by Gilles are entirely made by a single craftsman from start to finish insuring pride of ownership of the final piece. Note: Velvet storage sheath is included.
    • Construction: 1 piece forged bee with hand chiseled spring. Note: The bee and the spring of this knife are forged from one piece of stainless steel.
    • Handle Material: Genuine Warthog Tooth Please note: You will receive the actual knife pictured on the left.
    • Tooth Harvest: Africa
    • Blade: Satin finish 12c27 Sandvik Stainless steel , 2.50 mm thick. Hardness: 56 Hrc
    •  Features: One Piece forged spring and bee -  Hand chiseled spring top and bee - Around 1:30 hrs of labor by one craftsman to create this knife.
    • Technical tips:  The spring is made from a 3mm thick stainless steel Z20c13. A solid bladestop is provided on all of springs to save the edge of the blade. The traditionnal bee is solid, and forged into the spring. The entire spring & bee are then hand chiseled with a file. This denotes artisan quality, unlike other less expensive Laguiole products that have welded springs and are machine decorated. The above details create a unique Laguiole knife, that will never be duplicate. Plates & bolsters: 1,2 mm thick stainless steel with 2 solid bolsters. Numbered warranty certificate from the manufacturer is included.
  • Size: 11 cm / 4: 3/8 in (closed) 8 in (open) - Weight: 2.5 oz - 72 g
  • Fontenille Pataud offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. Knife will be replaced or repaired at the discretion of the *manufacturer. What is cover: Any product failure due to manufacturer defect. Issues like bent blade will be repaired but are not cover by the manufacturer warranty. We offer free warranty support (click here for details). Please contact us with any warranty claims, do not send item to France directly as it may not be handled correctly. *Disclaimer: The above warranty is offered by the manufacturer not Laguiole Imports. Laguiole Imports cannot be held responsible for any issues arising from a warranty claim.
  •  Fontenille Pataud folding knives are made of stainless steel, this type of metal does not require any maintenance. Please do not immerse your knife in water or place it in the dishwasher, doing so will be detrimental to the handle material. Periodically place a couple drops of lubricant on the axle of all moving parts. We recommend the use of oil free Sentry-Solutions-Tuf-Glide 1/4 oz Pen Applicator here
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