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    How to recognize an inferior or Fake Laguiole Knife

    What is "Laguiole" and how can you tell a real French-made "Laguiole" knife or Corkscrew from an Asian fake?

    First of all and most important "Laguiole" is not a company, it is the name of a small village in the Aveyron region of France which shares its name with a traditional style of knife. The Laguiole knife first appeared in the small village of Laguiole; this is a FACT, not a legend, a myth, or a coincidence as many manufacturers and resellers alike would like you to believe - More about the Laguiole knife history here. To this day anyone can use the name "Laguiole" and place it on cutlery regardless if the objects are made in France or have a non 'Laguiole" design/style.

    As of today, there are no regulations associated with Laguiole cutlery. The name "Laguiole" is free to use on cutlery items by anyone anywhere in the world  more here

    How do I pronounce Laguiole?

    Written Laguiole, and pronounced "LAYOL". The old pronunciation, in Occitan, was preserved, this is the reason why one says LAYOL without pronouncing the "G".