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Code38 Master Sommeliers's Tool.

After 15 years of distributing the world's most beautiful and expensive corkscrews (we're talking $3,500+) we have finally tested and fallen in love with a true Master Sommeliers' Tool.

The Code38 is not the most beautiful corkscrew on the market nor it is the most expensive one. It simply represents all that a true wine steward will ever need in his or her career. Since all components are easily replaceable, it may very well be the last waiter's tool he or she ever needs to purchase.


Handmade one at a time in Australia by Jeff Toering, each Code38 is the result of years of research and planning that culminated in the birth of a true masterpiece of efficiency and durability.


"The Code38 is a true mechanical engineering marvel."
- Frederic Camboulives
Founder & CEO of NeverUnder, LLC - world's largest retailer of high-end corkscrews.