Laguiole Magnum Guilloche Mammoth Tooth - Deep Blue

After years of planning, a bold version of the classic Laguiole corkscrew has finally reached the wine industry. This long-awaited super high-end Laguiole waiter's corkscrew features a patented one-piece two-step boot lever, a forged one-piece spring & bee, and a non-serrated foil cutter to facilitate sharpening.

What sets this tool apart from all others, including non-Laguiole corkscrews, is its size and ergonomics. At 5.6 oz, it is not a lightweight tool, but it feels surprisingly good in any size hands male or female. This object of pure luxury is taking over the two-step corkscrew business, and of course, it is 100% Made in France.

Each Magnum is made entirely by a single craftsman from start to finish, ensuring pride of ownership of the final piece.

You will receive the actual Magnum corkscrew shown in the photos.

Behold! Unveil your exclusive Magnum Corkscrew captured in photos featuring its unique qualities and nuances. An original, just like you - an item of beauty and practicality coming together to make wine-opening a breeze with style. Enhance your collection today by selecting this One-Of-A-Kind artistry; know that it will be exactly what the pictures promised when it arrives at your doorstep.

Things to Look For

The file work on the spring (top of handle) is individually hand filled by a French artisan, therefore all are different. Additionally, two handles made from the same material can have very different patterns.

Important to know

After purchasing this Magnum the unique photo(s) may be replaced within hours. Feel free to save the actual photos of your corkscrew for personal use.

15,000+ years old fossilized mammoth molar tooth harvested in Siberia.
The molar is stabilized for strength and dyed in various colors, some of which are quite stunning. In most cases only one color dye is used to create a handle plate, the variance in colors within a handle is caused by the ability of certain areas of the tooth (i.e enamel) to absorb the color dye.

Mammoth molar is an extremely hard material because of its enamel layers, in most cases diamond cutting tools are required to cut it.

Fossilized Mammoth Tooth Certificate Included

Magnum corkscrews are entirely handmade in Europe's capital of cutlery, "Thiers." The "Gilles®" Fontenille Pataud® collections of cutlery are considered by many to be some of the best money can buy. 

Magnum Mammoth Certificate

Laguiole Magnum corkscrews are shipped same business day from Florida when ordered by 4 PM Eastern time. UPS delivery can be expected in 1 to 3 business days depending on destination. International shipping options are available at checkout.

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