Code38 P-Type LIGHT

NEW 2020 Model Code38 P-Type LIGHT! 

The 2020 P-Type Light is the latest Code38 engineering marvel. This professional waiter's tool features a lightweight hard-anodized alloy chassis with commercial-grade P-Type components. A compact form factor with minimalist design to give you a unique and sexy way to open a bottle of wine.
The P-Type Light's CNC machined chassis is texturally finished using a ceramic bead blast process prior to being hard anodized to military specification and partnered with a non-serrated edged foil blade milled from a solid billet of 440C knife stainless and hardened to HRC60 (very hard), and a lifter produced in the same super tough 17-4PH stainless steel as used in the Elite Series.

All 3 moving components of this unit can be fully deployed with one hand, making wine service a breeze (and look amazing). The result is a highly refined, light and functional tool designed to give you many years of pleasure. This tool is suited to both serious wine enthusiasts and wine service professionals. 

Thinking of getting this Code38 engraved? Take a look at some past Code38 P-Type LIGHT engraving here. Note that the laser engraving is embedded within the metal and will never wear off. 

Body: CNC machined 17-4PH/Ti64 hard anodized alloy with bottle cap opener.
Foil Cuter: One-handed flick out. Milled from a solid billet of 440C stainless hardened to HRC60
Boot Lever:  One-handed flick out. Milled from 17-4PH stainless steel (same material as Elite Series
Helix: One-handed flick out.5 spiral - Stainless Steel - Made in France 

What's Included:  Corkscrew - Box - Warranty support - Free Shipping to the U.S