Code38 Service Holster

This unique belt holster is made from heavy duty Italian leather which has been mold formed to match any Code38 corkscrews's profile.The molding process involves wetting and blocking out the shape in several stages – quite an elaborate and time-consuming process – but the result is exactly what allows the Code38 to be retrieved and returned quickly without any catching or dragging.
Note that this holster can be used with any Chateau Laguiole and Forge de Laguiole corkscrews but will not work with other high-end corkscrews offered on our site.

Belt loop allows for a 1-inch belt to be inserted. Break-In period:The belt loop may appear to be a little stiff at first, this is normal. As full-grain leather ages, it will loosen.

What's included: Code38 Holster - Free Shipping to any U.S. address - Corkscrew not included.

Made by Code38 in Australia with Italian leather


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