Chateau Laguiole Le First Special Edition Corkscrew

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 The "Le First" model is a close replica of the first and only Chateau Laguiole that was launched in 1993. To everyone's surprise, including Mr. Vialis (the owner/creator of the brand) around 80,000 units were sold that year. Soon "Le First" was followed by many other models. The major visible difference between the appearance of the first Chateau Laguiole and this replica is the absence of the two vertical lines located on the bottom bolster. This newly redesigned bolster is a feature of the 2020 version. All genuine Chateau Laguiole corkscrews like this one are 100 % Made in France.

Handle Material: Horn Tip from domestic cattle. The tip of the horn is the hardest and most durable, Inferior horn handles are made from the bottom of the horn which will warp with time.

The sheath: The original Chateau Laguiole black belt sheath is used by countless waiters around the world. This sheath accommodates belts up to 2 1/2" wide. Each sheath is made from carefully selected genuine cowhide and is manufactured by Max Capdebarth of France. 

All Chateau Laguiole wine openers are made of 12C27 stainless steel and weigh around 4 oz (113 grams). The overall length closed is 4.5 inches (11.40 cm).
The foil cutter is serrated and measures 1.5/8 inches - 4.06 cm.

What's Included: Corkscrew - Gift Box - Registration QR Certificate - Leather Belt Sheath - Warranty & Repairs Support 

❖  NEW 2020 MODEL 

Besides the overall quality of the final product that has been dramatically improved, a few visual differences are worth noting. Yes, the original Chateau Laguiole classic was beloved by millions of wine lovers but it did have a couple of weaknesses.

  • The "bee" was soldered and could (and did) sometimes come off after a fall. The new model now features a forged bee, no more soldering! The bee is now an integral part of the spring (the decorated top part).
  • The original Chateau Laguiole Classic's most noticeable weakness was the two plates (called liners) just under the handle material. After several hundred bottles, the pin holding the screw could sometimes warp the one-millimeter plates causing premature failure of the corkscrew (fixed free under warranty). The new model now features two 1.5 millimeter plates to resolve the issue.
  • New bottom bolster. Although this is solely a cosmetic difference, the new bolster was created for two reasons. The first was to give the waiter-style corkscrew a sleeker appearance by removing the grooves and, most importantly, to help recognize the newest model instantly.

Important note: If you consider purchasing a Chateau Laguiole that doesn't have a smooth bottom bolster (the part that holds the foil cutter) you are going to be the owner of:
1) An older version of a Chateau Laguiole classic model.
2) A fake Chateau Laguiole reproduction made in China.


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      Max Capdebarthes is a master leather craftsman located in the tiny (pop. 800) 12th-century village of Sauveterre de Rouergue in the southwest of France.

      Each sheath is made from carefully selected genuine cowhide. Mr. Max Capdebarthes is considered by most knife manufacturers as the best leather craftsman in Europe, perhaps the world.
      Many acclaimed cutlers, such as Forge de Laguiole, Fontenille Pataud and Chateau Laguiole contracts Max for their needs.