Fact: Laguiole is the name of a small village located in south central France. Laguiole is not a brand of knives, it is a style of cutlery.

The famous knife of the same name was born there in 1829. Unfortunately the name Laguiole was never registered and is, to this day totally unprotected. Anyone can use this name on any type of knives, therefore one must be very cautious when purchasing a " bargain " Laguiole knife or corkscrew. Written Chateau Laguiole, and pronounced as "SHATO LAYOL". The old pronunciation, in Occitan, was preserved, this is the reason why one says "LAYOL".

Laguiole waiter style corkscrews have bee manufactured since 1993s. Mr. Guy Vialis the creator and owner of the Chateau Laguiole brand was the first to adapt the Laguiole knife design to a waiter style wine opener.