Laguiole is the name of a small village located in south central France, it is not a brand of knives, it is a style of cutlery. The famous knife of the same name was born there in the 1820s. Unfortunately the name Laguiole was never registered and is, to this day totally unprotected in the cutlery business. Any manufacturer in the world can use the Laguiole name on any type of cutlery, therefore one must be very cautious when purchasing a "bargain" knife or corkscrew. Written "Laguiole" and pronounced as "LAYOL", the old pronunciation, in Occitan, was preserved, this is the reason why one says "LAYOL". 

Forge de Laguiole 7cm pocket knives

The 7cm Laguiole knives are great little knives that are best used for small task such as cutting string, opening letter or any other light cutting tasks. The 7cm in constructed with the same care and materials as any other Forge de Laguiole knives, they are just smaller.